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Dolomiti Pizzeria & Enoteca // Construction progress photography by Daniel Bolt

" You guys got the vision of how this place was going to look way before I even dreamed. You guys are the ones who really saw the details inside the building which is kind of interesting. You knew how to make every single of the highlights of the building pop and be important and be relevant. "

-  Carlos Mendez, Co-Owner & Chef

" I think you guys just understood the vision... you knew exactly what we were trying to execute. And I think that is reflected in the space now. Because we were like, 'Wow, it just works.'  You guys kind of already knew what we wanted. You brought to the table what you had learned and seen. And that's why I love it.

I'll never forget that day I drove down 10th street and I saw both you guys staring at the building and I was just like, that's them doing work. Just walking down the street noticing things. I still think about it because I'll look at stuff now that I normally wouldn't, but I try to remember to look at stuff to be like, 'Oh yeah, all this stuff matters.'

...And so people just roll up. Like people want to be here. And I love it, cause yeah, it is an extension of us. I think you guys delivered the space that we had in mind and it's an extension of all of us. 

-  Tim Maides, Co-Owner & Chef

" You two have been nothing short of AMAZING to work with.  We look forward to seeing the photos that capture our beautiful space and what we are doing every day to impact the lives of our patients. "

-  Chrissy Albergucci, General Manager

" Daniel, Janene, and their team have time and time again proven why they are a valuable partner in our projects. Their insight, eye for detail, knowledge, and passion continue to impress and add value every step of the way. 

SCOPPA has consistently strived to complete our projects on time, within budget, and exceeding the level of expectations set by us. I would highly recommend SCOPPA Architecture to anyone as their standards and process are second to none.

-  Jeremiah Harder, Vice President, Project Management

" From the onset, it was clear Dan and Amy approached this project with care, passion and as a true partner to LRS.  Not only did SCOPPA’s team help with the traditional stages of design and permit requirements, they went above and beyond throughout the project in all areas.

We have been so impressed with SCOPPA’s overall service delivery, quality, attentiveness, and 
ability to be a true partner with us that we continue to engage them on projects such as remodel designs and future expansion planning. We could not be happier with this decision.

-  Jeff Beckmann, CFO

" What a privilege it has been to work with SCOPPA. Their firm goes above and beyond to research every aspect of the project in order to meet the goals of the client.

We appreciate their diligence to work with all levels of authority to have the project be in compliance.

-  Kellie H. Kennedy

" From the days when we were starting to plan our addition, Dan and Janene were engaged in the whole process. They took precise measurements of the whole house. And then at timely intervals would present the blueprints so that we could imagine what it would look like. They viewed our whole house to take into consideration of the age of our one-hundred year- old house and paid close attention to our tastes. All in an effort to make the addition the perfect complement to us and to our home even considering the interior design.

Dan and Janene are perfectionists, timely and serious about their work. But at the same time, they are considerate, thoughtful and warm. We couldn’t have asked for a better company to help us make our home more beautiful and comfortable. 

-  Randy and Carla Stout
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