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Stout Residence

// Residential
// 360 sf Master Suite Addition
// Dundee Neighborhood, Omaha

A residential project in beautiful Dundee, the Stout Residence encompasses an "aging in place" design for a Master Suite Addition. 


The addition includes a Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, and Laundry Room, with a breezeway leading to the family's quaint, well-inhabited back patio and yard. 


Several site constraints, including tight city setbacks, the preservation of a keepsake cherry tree and the maximum preservation of exterior windows were carefully considered in the design. 


Both interior and exterior were designed to create a seamless transition between the historic house and new construction.


The design enthusiastically accommodates the family's beautifully curated furniture and artwork.  Custom built-ins include wardrobe "closets" and bathroom cabinets that provide shared linen storage access between the Master Bathroom and adjacent Laundry.



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