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Pinhook Flats Improvements

// Multi-Family
// 990 sf 
// Aksarben Village, 64th & Shirley Streets, Omaha, NE

The design for Pinhook Flats luxury apartments Leasing Lobby addressed two main goals: First, create a purposeful destination that serves the Pinhook Flats and Alchemy Development brands, and second, enhance wayfinding cues to direct multiple traffic flows. 

A large, under-utilized passthrough space was transformed into a welcoming destination with boutique hotel lobby charm, inviting guests to linger with multiple seating areas and a large, digital concierge interactive touch screen. 


Seating space was given a sense of being "anchored" through the use of suspended graphic acoustic felt and floor material/pattern.  Carefully placed pendant lighting of varying scales helps to define and designate space throughout.  New furniture and interior finishes reflect the Pinhook Flats brand.  Bold floor patterning at elevator and stairs and vivid wall graphics also serve to direct traffic.

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